Happy Holidays!

To Our Members, Families, and Ski Community,

We invite you to read our Year End letter and view some of our favorite moments from this past year!

To Read – 2021 APUNSC Year End Letter

APU Nordic Ski Center wishes you a joyful holiday season and hope these culminating weeks of the year offer countless reasons for gratitude. We are so thankful each of you are part of our community! We have been thrilled to see success at all levels in the APU Nordic Ski Center program. Steady growth in our community programs over the past several seasons has allowed us to help skiers of all ages, levels and abilities! Thanks to the commitment and flexibility of our staff, we have been fortunate to continue daily training sessions throughout the course of pandemic. Our coaching team has worked hard to keep sessions safe and fun for program members. Where our daily lives have been impacted by COVID, we hope to offer reprieve and support from daily stresses. We strive to help improve the lives of our program members through fitness, health, and wellness, while supporting the dreams and goals of younger competitive racers through to our elite skiers.

We wish you all the very best in 2022 and hope the new year brings you happiness, good health and joy. See you out on the trails!

~APU Nordic Ski Center Coaches & Staff

Erik Flora, Eric Strabel, Galen Johnston, Jack Novak, Eliza Rorabaugh, Naomi Kiekintveld, Forrest Mahlen, Will Mans, Penny Smythe, Kaylee Wilcox, Sarah Miller and Anna Darnell

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APU Nordic Ski Center is so proud of the success from all of our Elite Team in Period 1 of the World Cup and the Domestic races and are excited to see what the 2021/2022 race season brings as our skiers work towards making the Olympic, U23, Junior World and Junior National teams! The success of our skiers and impact APU Nordic Ski Center has made on American skiing would not happen without the support from our community.

This season, please consider making a donation to our ski center! Your support will go a long way to continue the hard work in growing the development of cross-country skiing in Alaska while supporting our future Olympians.

To make a charitable contribution to APU Nordic Ski Center today, please click here: https://apunordic.com/product/support-nordic-ski-center/ 

For 2021 Charitable Giving, under the CARES ACT, gifts to charities and non-profit organizations qualifies for a “Universal Deduction” above and beyond the existing standard deduction. The limit is $300 for individuals and $600 for married couples filing jointly. Be sure to hold onto your receipts!