Feeling the Heat

I finally had my first hard and hot intensity session of the summer. The intervals combined with 85 and max sun killed me. I suffered and even had some of the goose bumps that happen when I am probably on the verge of some level of heat stroke 🙂 At the very least I hope that suffering through some hot workouts now will prepare me for any hot races later this year.

My back is healing up and I’m returning to a normal load of training. As I resume training i’ve had a huge realization that I treat my body horribly. I generally train 4 hours a day split between two workouts and then I work at a desk between the two sessions. I rarely do self massage/foam rolling, stretching, or any kind of pre workout mobility. Im trying to create better habits now and it really feels beneficial. Im a believer so hopefully I keep up with it even after my last injury is outside my current memory.

The riding has been so good. Jess and I keep finding new trails with gnarlier and gnarlier features. Jess built up the confidence this week and hit a sweet step-up jump with a bit of a gap to the landing. It’s the type of hit that can be a solid mind block for sure. I’m still giving the 30ft drop a ride around and prob will for life 🙂

I shared on social that I’m running for On shoes this year. I’m super stoked about the partnership and the shoes have been great so far. First race will be in Spain at the end of May!!