Spring Epic

Towards the end of the race season all I can think about it sitting around in the sunshine without obligations. However, in all reality, it seems that spring is often more busy than the rest of the year. I still have not been in one place for more than a week. While the mental break of not thinking about training and racing has been good, I am feeling the fatigue from bouncing around all month.

Season Done!

I am a Western girl at heart. I love the sun, the dry air, the altitude, all of it. Anytime I get a chance to race in the West, I am a happy camper. As I hit the open road to Sun Valley, I was ecstatic to meet up with my APU teammates who I hadn’t seen since the beginning of January, my coach,  and other friends. I also had some high expectations as I hoped to win the Overall SuperTour in order

World Cup End

We had less than a week from the time we finished the 30km at World Championships until the World Cup Tour resumed in Lahti, Finland. I had done well enough at U.S. Nationals back in January that I maintained my lead in the SuperTour granting me starts rights for the last two weeks of World Cups so my travels through Europe continued. After feeling great doing race prep the day before the sprint

World Champs Wrap

It’s always difficult to sum up a big event like World
Championships. There were 6 different events and 4 racers in each event for
both men and women, totaling 2 weeks of highs, lows, excitement, let downs,
fun, boredom and everything in between.  I highly suggest reading other team members’
blogs to get a variety of perspectives from the Championships. I can assure you
that everyone had their

World Championships

World Championships starts tomorrow!!! The entire town of Falun has transformed for the Championships. There are big tents set up all over town, roads closed, open air markets and vendors all over the place. The courses are all walled off, grandstands set up, tents set up all over the course and parking lots. I am very excited to get things started! Here is some information to be a part of the

Finishing Touches

Everyone talks about trying to reach their "peak" for a championship event, but what does that mean?

Well, for me, I decided to stay with most of the U.S. Ski Team in Europe to reduce travel and have some friends to train with. We headed to Davos, Switzerland, a fabulous place to find happiness with lots of snow, big mountains, and a little sunshine. We spent the past two weeks there with


"Rush-shi-ah, Rush-shi-ah, Rush-shi-ah"

That’s all I could hear in my head for hours after I had finished racing so if nothing else, there are some enthusiastic fan in Russia. But in all reality, I really enjoyed my time in Russia, had great races, and got a taste for a country I would probably have never visited if I weren’t ski racer. We got a police escort to our charter flight leaving Russia

World Cup Chaos

It seems no matter the distance, traveling anywhere as a nordic skier is exhausting. We drove from Houghton all the way back to Minneapolis where I was graciously hosted by my teammate Rosie Frankowski and her family for a few days of rest before jumping over the pond. The sun came out, which felt out of this world, but the temperatures remained frigid. With toughened skin from the week of racing

What a Week

Temperatures never rose, the wind never stopped,  and the snow continued to fall, but we pushed on and completed two more races at U.S. Nationals.

I had the most successful week of racing of my career. I walked away with two more U.S. National titles, making a total of 3 for the week and a 3rd place in the other race. I even won what I consider my weakest event, skate sprints. It was truly an

Halfway Through

Houghton…what comes to mind when I think of Houghton? Well, literally every different descriptive word I can come up with comes to mind. It’s very hard to get to, it’s cold, windy, but also has lots of snow, good courses, great volunteers and race organizers. There are pasties, snow machines, and beer, but not a whole lot of greens or good shopping. I have had crashes, but also some break