Arctic Start

After 30 or so hours of travel and 5 flights plus a 3 hr drive, I made it from Anchorage to Gallivare, Sweden. The travel day was long, but everything went well so I can’t complain too much.

Gallivare is 100km above the arctic circle, however, I awoke to light shinning in my window the first morning. Knowing that I was so far above the arctic circle, I panicked, thinking I must have slept in

Let the Season Commence

After an amazing month of training and adventuring in Utah, I flew back to AK to find a blanket of snow! We got on snow the next day and were able to ski everyday after that until my departure for Europe, now how is that for good planning! Nothing beats a month of sun and warmth straight to snow! And now for a photo stream to catch up on the last block of summer training.

Fast and Female Park

Tis the Season of Giving

Happy November!

With just two weeks left in the U.S. before I embark on a 5 month World Cup tour, life seems to get a little busy with everything from packing and cleaning to hours on 1-800 numbers straightening out insurance, credit cards, and cell phones. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of this journey with 9 different countries and 40+ races, but planning ahead is always

Another Year!

I ski race because I really love skiing. The downside of being a ski racer is that it is dependent on snow which only falls half the year, if we’re lucky. The upside is that I get the opportunity to go to more extreme measures to get on snow whenever possible. This is one of the many reasons I moved to Alaska. With APU’s glacier training facility and the relatively cold climate of Alaska, I have

Fall Training

August marks the transition from summer to fall in Alaska and generally I associate the transition with rain, rain, and more rain. August came and went and somehow there was no rain! I was able to get out of the city for one last good weekend of adventures, checking out Talkeetna and Denali State Park for the first time. They did not disappoint with fall colors exploding and some unpredicted

End of Summer Recovery and Refocus

After many months of focused training and glacier camps, it’s impossible to not build up some cumulative fatigue even with a few recovery days built in. As a result, I like to mix things up, change some training, take some rest, and find a change of scenery at the end of the summer as a way to regroup for a strong fall period. I headed home for a dose of summer! I was able to do some of my

The Sun Camp

We have now completed our 3rd and final glacier camp of the summer. Our summer training is broken into 4 week blocks. Two weeks are spent dryland training in Anchorage, one week training on Eagle Glacier, and the last week spent on our own with some combination of recovery, adventuring, and training. Repeat this three times and that’s a summer! It sure makes the summer fly by! I am having a hard

Alaskan Summer

When one week of every month is spent skiing on a glacier and the other three weeks are in Alaska, it’s easy to get confused about what time of year it actually is. However, summer in Alaska brings about all sorts of adventures, rain or shine.

After two weeks of training hard in Anchorage, we headed south for the 4th of July holiday weekend. Seward hosts the Mt. Marathon race, a grueling 3 mile

Time Flies When…

you train a lot (and have fun, of course!)

My summer is already flying by! After a few weeks of getting back into training in Anchorage, I flew to Park City for my first U.S. Ski Team camp of the summer. It was an unbelievably busy camp, meeting with the various extended staff helping us out, testing, training, and getting into a groove with my new teammates. I did 2 treadmill tests, one classic

Back At It

The first day of training is much like the first day of school. Excitement to see all your friends who have been on various adventures, excitement to start moving towards all the goals you just spent all spring planning, and chaos in scrambling to get all your equipment together. We started off with a bang, rollerskiing and treadmill testing on day 1 and continued to progress into a more regular