The Kitchen Sink

There’s that idiom, ‘everything but the kitchen sink’… but this post seems to have the kitchen sink too! It has passed the appropriate time at which I could say ‘hey there, I missed summer but no big deal I just caught you all up in photos’ . Appropriateness is so passe though 😋. I figure I […]

The Europa Cup Challenge

The Europa Cup Challenge Experience.  Self-confidence.  New and deeper competition.  A stepping stone to the World Cup.  These are the important gains of an athlete racing Europa (OPA) Cups.      The Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Center qualified 11 athletes  for the OPA cups, under the criteria set out by USSA.  We had an enormously […]

Christmas and Such

Christmas break.  This chunk of time is so many things thrown into 2 weeks.  2 weeks!!! What?!  That was a fantastic chunk of time to be at home in Alaska, it’s not always that I get to spend 2 weeks at home during Christmas.  It is my absolutely favorite time of year, family, Christmas music, […]

And so it goes.

Whew, why haven’t I posted? Honestly I’ve mostly been twiddling my thumbs- Christmas, training, racing, and time at home has become a spinning reel of film in my memory so over the next few days I’ll give you a not-so-brief break down… for now though I’ll share a couple photos. US Nationals this past week […]

Kids Ski Day!

Hi all!  Though there may not be too much snow on the ground in Girdwood the weather is looking like it may make the turn!  I am hosting a kids ski clinic on the Girdwood trails on December 27 from 1-3:30pm.  There will be quite a few other Alaska Pacific University ski teamer’s around to help out […]

Is that a food processor circa 1972 in your carry on? Why yes, Sir, it is. And yes, it weighs 27 lbs.

Notice the capital ‘S’.  You do not not mess with the TSA agents.  Those guys got power.  Confused?  O yes, we are talking packing again.  There’s is nothing quite as stressful as trying to squeeze between the narrow isles as you Christmas shop in the Fireworks store in SEA-TAC with a 5’x5′ bag on your back […]