2021 Rollerskiathon From Afar

David Norris Post 50 KM Rollerski in Durango, CO


Stronger As A Team coursed through the trails of Anchorage this past Tuesday, as APU Nordic Ski Center helped to promote rollerski safety for our athletes in training. 

This was the 2nd annual Rollerskiathon that APU Nordic Ski Center completed. It is part fundraiser for our team, part Rollerski Safety Awareness for our city. 

While the majority of our team rollerskied together in Anchorage, some of the elite who were not able to join in person completed their portion towards helping to gain pledges and raise awareness about Rollerski Safety. 


David Norris Proof of 50KM


Both David Norris and Garrett Butts completed their 50 Kilometers on Tuesday morning in Colorado (David in Durango and Garrett in Gunnison). Becca Rorabaugh completed her 50 Kilometers in Anchorage, but a day early as she wraps up her final days of school to become a Dartmouth Graduate. Michael Earnhart and Luke Jager also completed their 50 Kilometers a couple days being out of town on Tuesday. 


Just moments before the program was ready to start their 50 Kilometer Moose Loop journey at 9:00am, the team received a text from David Norris that he had just completed his 50 Kilometer rollerski in Durango. As head coach Erik Flora was addressing the program before the start, he was able to share the news about David’s completion drumming up some excitement for the team to begin the Moose loop. 


The 50km rollerski was a fun workout to anticipate as I knew my teammates where all doing the same session as me Tuesday morning. It was a special day to me because I could join forces with the entire APU family to promote roller ski awareness and road safety.” – David Norris, APU Nordic Elite Team Member 


The sense of what it means to be a “Team” was not inhibited by geographical location or date on Tuesday. In a way, it was strengthened knowing that team members not present still did their part to complete their portion in support of the greater club-wide effort.  


“I’ve always thought the word team was a good acronym for ‘Together Everyone Achieves More’ and I think that’s true whether we’re together or thousands of miles apart! Thanks for everyone’s support in helping turn our teams goals into reality!” -Garrett Butts, APU Nordic Elite Team Member 


Becca Rorabaugh’s 50 KM Rollerski on May 31st

Each elite team member, whether they were in person or not, all took part in gaining pledges and fundraising efforts. Other program members from Groms through Masters also helped to raise pledges and either rollerskied or biked for Rollerski Awareness. The money donated will go to help offset travel and training costs for the team as well as promoting awareness about safety in our community.