2021/2022 Besh Cups 1 + 2 Results!

Besh Cups 1+2

While there are many important race weekends in a season, the best by far is not the Olympics or World Championships, not even US Nationals, it is by far… Besh Cups 1+2.  There is something special about racing in your hometown after a summer of hard training, and for APU it is a chance for the entire program to come together and enjoy all that hard work! We saw a lot of APU blue out racing and cheering all weekend, and especially at the top of those results sheets! Read below for notable results from APU Nordic skiers!

Some notable APU results from the classic sprint:

Men 1.4k Open

1st Zanden McMullen

2nd Michael Earnhart

3rd Garrett Butts

5th Karl Danielson


Men 1.2k U16

3rd Hatcher Menkens

5th Nathan Rehberg


Men 1.2k U14

4th Cade McGinley


Men 1k U12

3rd Tyson Ruckel


Women 1.4k Open

1st Becca Rorabaugh

2nd Kendall Kramer

3rd Marit Flora


Women 1.2k U16

1st Piper Sears

4th Zoe Rodgers

6th Greta Bochenek


Women 1.2k U14

3rd Mia Stiassny


Women 1k U12

2nd Talia Smith

3rd Calista Zuber


Some notable results from the skate Mass-start

Women 10k

1st Rosie Frankowski

2nd Kendall Kramer

3rd Becca Rorabaugh

5th Marit Flora

6th Anna Darnell


Women 5k

2nd Piper Sears

3rd Merridy Littell

6th Greta Bochenek


Women 3k

1st Talia Smith

2nd Calista Zuber


Men 15k

1st Zanden McMullen

2nd Michael Earnhart

3rd Garrett Butts

4th Ari Endestad

5th Kai Meyers


Men 5k

2nd Hatcher Menkens

3rd Nathan Rehberg

5th Oscar Flora


We are so proud of everyone who puts it out there and races. See everyone at Besh cups 2+3!