2020 APU Nordic End Of Year Letter

“The APU program is a family that continually inspires me. Through the ups and downs, I not only find encouragement from my teammates and coaches, but from the entire APU community as a whole. Each year I am humbled by the immense support that our program provides to one another. Over the past year this has become more apparent than ever and I am thankful to be a part of the APU family.”

– David Norris, APU Elite Member & World Cup Skier

Family & Friends of APU Nordic Ski Center,

We hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and safe. In any normal non-pandemic year, our message to the community is filled with race and athlete updates, photos from glacier camps and more. However, this year, things have looked a little different!

Since the abrupt end to the competition season last spring, APU Nordic Ski Center has had one main goal: to maintain safe and successful operation of our programs through the pandemic. Through the summer we were not able to hold camps at our Eagle Glacier training facility due to safety concerns. With this, athletes and coaches got creative with their training. We hit the roads and trails of Anchorage with a refreshing back-to-the-basics approach.

Many parts of our program have moved forward seamlessly. We are lucky that our sport allows us to enjoy a Covid-safe outdoor training environment. With the addition of simple mitigation procedures, we have been able to facilitate a fantastic social and physical outlet for our members and families. As our local hunker down orders ended and mandates were lifted, we donned masks while training together, and kept athletes spread out along the trails. We provided a purpose and schedules to stay accountable for. We provided encouragement and kept the APUNSC team spirit alive…

To read our year end letter in full, please click here: 2020 APU Nordic Year End Mailer

Support from our community, such as the message above and donations to our ski center keep us charging forward to positively impact the lives of our program members. Now more than ever APUNSC is navigating through a world restructured by COVID-19. In order to keep pushing forward, we rely on the support of our families and friends (you!) who believe in our mission and know the hard work we do every day to grow the success of our Nordic community.

We thank you for your continued support and look forward to the future with hope, encouragement, and as always, fast skis!

Sincerely, APU Nordic Ski Center Coaches & Staff
Head Coach & Director Erik Flora, Eric Strabel, Eliza Rorabaugh, Kaylee Heck, Galen Johnston, Sara Miller, Jack Novak, Penny Smythe, Naomi Kiekintveld, Thomas O’Harra & Ana Jager

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